Shipping & Delivery

The following terms and conditions will be validated if you place an order through concoursquebecgratuits. These terms and conditions have been drafted so that the parties involved are fully aware of the rules governing the transaction and that the transaction takes place in an atmosphere suitable to everyone.

1. General
We strive to continually update our inventory, but occasionally experience stock-outs of selected products. When this happens, we will offer you either a later delivery or the possibility to make other purchases on the basis of a voucher that we will make available to you.

2. Shipping costs
Shipping costs are paid when the invoice is paid at the cash desk. We charge them taking into account several parameters such as weight, dimensions and place of delivery.

3. Returns
You can consult our Return and Refund Policy via the link at the bottom of the page for all matters concerning returns to us.

4. Delivery conditions
If your order is destined for a location outside the country, the delivery time is usually 4 days but can be up to 20 days in some cases. This time depends on both your delivery requirements and the supply of the items you have selected.

4.1 Shipping time

Once payment is made, we reserve two business days to process your order. During this time, you have the option of changing the delivery location within 24 hours if you wish.

Shipments are made from our warehouse locations with which we correspond to office hours every working day, except for national holidays.

At concoursquebecgratuits, once you have paid for your order, we ship your package within a maximum of 5 business days. However, delivery time can be as long as four weeks in these difficult times.

On the other hand, it is important not to confuse shipping with delivery. In fact, shipping is the operation during which we send your package while delivery is the transport of your order to the agreed place of reception.

This is why it can take up to 5 weeks to receive your package. That is to say 2 days to process your order, 5 working days to ship the goods and 4 weeks to make the delivery.

concoursquebecgratuitswould like to point out that the 5 weeks is the maximum time it could take to receive your order. However, beyond the 5 weeks, the most important thing for us is your satisfaction.

For this reason, we offer you other possibilities to keep you satisfied. We can take care of the cost of returning your package, or instead, you can receive a voucher worth more than your original invoice. The likelihood of this happening is almost nil, but concoursquebecgratuitsis forward thinking and we have chosen to make you aware of our policy for resolving these cases.

Therefore, if 5 weeks have passed since you received your order confirmation email, you have two options. You can either send a reply to the email you received or leave us an email at [email protected].

In addition, to ensure that your request is processed quickly, please reference your email as follows:

-Your order number ;
-The email address of your order;
-Your first and last name;
-The details, even if incomplete, of your order;
-The date of the order.
When you send us an email by [email protected], we recommend “Delivery time – The number corresponding to your order” in the subject line as follows “Delivery time – 125698”.

After a maximum of twenty-four working hours, you will receive a response from our specialized team in this matter, the time for them to process your request.

4.2 Change of delivery address
If you wish to change your delivery address, we are willing to comply with your request as long as you make yourself known before the shipment.

4.3 Shipment by P.O. Box
At concoursquebecgratuits, we currently only use postal services for shipments to P.O. Box addresses because we do not yet have any services dedicated to this type of delivery.

4.4 Shipping to military addresses
The USPS is the means we use to make this type of delivery. However, this service is not available through courier services with us.

4.5 Out of stock items
When one of the ordered items is no longer available on our storage areas, we offer you the choice. You will have the option to choose either a later shipment or to purchase other products which will, of course, be worth more than the value of the out of stock item.

4.6 Exceeding the delivery time
If we exceed the agreed delivery time, you are requested to send a request via the e-mail address [email protected], which will be processed.

5. Follow-up notifications
When the package is shipped, a tracking link is sent to you so that you can follow all the steps of the transport thanks to the updates of the carrier.

6. Damaged packages in transit
If at the time of receipt, you notice any damage during transport, we recommend that you reject the package and contact us through our customer service. If, on the other hand, the package was received in your absence, please contact concoursquebecgratuits’s customer service department via the e-mail address [email protected].

7. Duties and Taxes
7.1 Sales Tax

As stated at concoursquebecgratuits, we apply sales tax directly to the price of the items at the time you place your order with us.

7.2 Import duties and taxes

Import duties and taxes are specific to each destination country. At concoursquebecgratuits, we encourage you to be aware of any fees that may apply to the delivery of your package prior to ordering. If you do not pay these charges, the package will be returned to concoursquebecgratuits. After that, we will deduct the return shipping costs from the order amount and refund the rest. We do not refund the original shipping costs.

8. Cancellations
If you wish to cancel your order, we will grant your request as long as the package has not been shipped. But any cancellation request made after this time, will have to follow the refund policy that we invite you to consult at the bottom of the page.

9. Insurance
In case of loss or damage to your package, our insurance covers the costs up to the amount declared by the carrier. However, we only consider the loss on the basis of confirmation from the postal services and not on a simple claim from the customer. This measure is the result of numerous cases of abuse of trust by unreliable customers that concoursquebecgratuitshas dealt with in the past. Furthermore, we will do our best to satisfy you. We will take care of the shipping costs of the items that we will return to you according to your order. Instead, you may also receive a voucher for a higher value than your original invoice.

9.1 Process for packages damaged in transit

In the event that your product is damaged in transit, you may be refunded or receive a product instead. All our conditions are detailed in the Return and Refund Policy that we invite you to consult at the bottom of the page.

9.2 Process for packages lost in transit

When we receive confirmation of loss from the postal service, we will do everything in our power at concoursquebecgratuits to accommodate you. We will assume the costs of shipping the items back to you in accordance with your order. You may also, instead, receive a voucher of a higher value than your original invoice.

10. Customer Service
You can obtain all information regarding our customer service by contacting us via e-mail at [email protected].